Frequently Asked Questions About Our Text Enabling Service & App

We’re here to provide all the details you need to make the decision to enable landline texting and start leveraging SMS for your business. If you still have questions, we’re happy to schedule an in-depth free demo so you can see our full capabilities.

Does this meet TCPA Guidelines?

Our inbound texting platform is compliant with TCPA – we require the customer to acknowledge they want to receive a text message by inputting their number/message and inform the customer a response will be received via text before moving forward. Secondly, we allow the customer to stop communications multiple ways. A customer may type in “STOP” or they may simply not reply to the text message, limiting the company to respond. We take this one step further and do not pass any consumer information IE: Telephone number ensuring that the customer is in control of the conversation.

How does this work?

Our technology is able to detect what device a customer is on and from there deliver either a web or mobile only experience allowing your website to act like a smart phone and receive text.

How are leads or texts delivered?

Each unique text conversation is sent to our dashboard allowing you to see historical conversations, but can also be emailed out to as many emails as possible. These email notifications can also be replied to and text the customer directly!

Why only 160 character responses?

Because a mobile screen has limited real estate, we recommend and limit the response to 160 characters a common practice in social media and texting etiquette.

How does this differ from Live Chat?

This is an enhancement to live chat. Allowing customers who would prefer to text the ability to. Similar to an email lead a text allows the customer to not be tied down and wait for a response. It also allows you, the company, to be able to take advantage of talking directly to the customers phone creating more trust around your brand and reap the benefits of a 90% response rate.

Will this work with any site?

Yes, we are able to integrate into any current website provider.Is there a contract?No, we believe in the value of our product and offer a month to month service.

Is there reporting?

Yes, we have a full admin panel with reporting attached.We have text already in our CRM, how does this differ?CRM based texting is outbound texting or notification based texting. Our technology focuses on inbound texting opening this channel up for customers to be able to text you directly. Today your website attributes for over 40% brand new visitors every single month, of that 35% are mobile visitors, our product allows these brand new people to connect with you. This then can be placed into your current outbound text marketing strategies as it will create more reach.

We have text with our Chat, I think?

This is commonly incorrect, 80% of chat or text will not be shown on a mobile phone and if it does it will only be on one page. Our technology allows this channel to be opened up on every page available. On top of this our number can be used for your sales staff in house to share to ensure every text message occurring, whether it’s from your website or from customers in store are accounted for.