Landline Texting, 800 Texting, and Business Texting Enable every customer channel with Business Texting.

Textstr enables every number existing in your marketing campaigns to intake text messages as well as enable your website to intake text messages. Today, every channel of marketing is becoming mastered from ads, content, social, phone calls, emails, websites, live chat, yet texting is overlooked.

Web, Landline, 800 Texting

Mobile usage is on the rise reaching over 50% of total web traffic. Textstr allows a  customer from any marketing channel to text you directly. Capture a new market by utilizing business text messaging.

Fully Responsive

Simply copy paste our unique code into your website or send us your landline numbers to enable for SMS. Our client side admin allows your support staff to respond to text messages via web, email, or simply from their phone with our Textstr App.

Manage Relationships

Combine all text messages on one branded number to accurately measure and retain your customer. Or manage as many branded numbers as needed to best run all channels of marketing.

SMS and MMS capable

Inbound and outbound texting with the addition of images. Enhance every conversation with a product or image or brand directly to your customers via text. Combine this with the power of videos and pdfs and your business now has a full blown SMS marketing platform at its disposal.

Real, Actionable Data

Measure the success of your team. Textstr has a full reporting dashboard to ensure each conversation is generating ROI. Gather more insight and actionable data from all marketing campaigns by enabling every number to receive text messages.

Reach More, Faster

Inbound and outbound support. Service scheduling. Follow up. Marketing Campaigns. Enabling every number for text messaging allows any business to capitalize on existing marketing dollars.

All You Want From Text Marketing

Ease of use and simple management. Quickly enhance your marketing spend by enabling business texting.

Immediate Response

Text messaging holds the fastest open rate, read rate and response rate. See an immediate impact in your bottom line.

Ease of Use

Manage text messages however you please, whether you need a team, a user or an enterprise. Receive texts via email, via web, via app or as a text message yourself.


How it Works

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Set your Tags and individual buckets to create your own routing. Sales related texts go to sales team, Customer Service related texts can go to customer services, Service related texts can go to service teams!

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What our clients say!

What We Do Who We Are

At Textstr, our experts aim to create the most attractive and user friendly mobile conversation stream. Bringing real actionable data to the chat industry. Digital communication, as we know it, is evolving and the current state of technology has not yet adapted to the growing demand in mobile.

Textstr has built its foundation around mobile first, pioneering the idea that live streams of communication and direct relationships will be enhanced via mobile SMS in the coming years. Utilizing our safe data process and key interaction metrics, our team looks to revolutionize mobile communications between a business and consumer.

Simple Signup

Single Landline

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Text Marketing Suite

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We believe in the value we provide, we do not have a yearly contract. We are month to month and just requite a 30 day cancellation notice.

Once you sign up online, we will have your account live within 5 minutes. With landline or toll free numbers, this depends on your carrier and can take up to 24 hours.

Our product is very simple to setup and start. We do offer training and provide best practices.

Yes! Absolutely.

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