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Texting Statistics: 28 Surprising Facts About Its Popularity Interested in texting statistics? Although trillions of texts are sent every year, these numbers show a complicated relationship between messaging apps and traditional text messaging. Let’s take a closer look at the stats associated with SMS marketing and messaging apps. SMS, or short message service, has been around since as early as 1992 when Nokia launched the very first SMS-enabled cellphone. Since then, it has become the bedrock of modern digital outreach and communication. Even as the face of digital communication evolves and changes, one thing has remained steady—SMS. At present, 3.2 billion people use SMS technology, which translates to roughly 45% of the total world population. Research firm Enders Analysis has estimated the total text messages sent every year to be 4.6 trillion, and this number is expected to increase further. SMS marketing, or text marketing as it is sometimes referred to, may be defined as a form of digital communication in which marketers/businesses use text messages to communicate directly with their target audience. By leveraging SMS marketing, businesses can engage customers with promotional offers, discounts, updates, alerts, and tips on products and services. SMS marketing is used for both customer acquisition and customer retention. Today’s customers want to get a quick response, and SMS marketing is the perfect tool for meeting that goal. For one thing, mobile phones are highly personal, and people are more likely to read messages sent directly to their devices. What’s more, SMS messages have a higher open rate than emails, which means businesses have more opportunities to engage customers. The success of SMS marketing is particularly evident when it comes to email marketing. Email marketing requires customers to open their emails, and there’s the risk that they will not see the message. SMS, on the other hand, directly reaches the customer’s phone, and nearly 95% of all text messages are read within three minutes of being sent. Data also shows that SMS messages have higher conversion rates than other digital channels, such as social media and email. According to a survey by mobile technologies industry provider MobileROI, SMS messages have a conversion rate of 19.3%, compared to emails (3.2%) and social media (1.7%). With the right strategies, businesses can give customers a personalized experience and offer them promotions that truly appeal to them. Because of its high engagement rate, mobile personalization, and increased conversions, SMS marketing has become an essential part of many digital marketing strategies. There’s no doubt that SMS marketing is incredibly powerful. That being said, it’s important for businesses to keep in mind that the quality of the message and the customer’s experience is key. Businesses should be careful to avoid sending too many messages, spam messages, or content that’s irrelevant to the customer. SMS marketing is just one part of a larger digital marketing strategy. When it comes to optimizing digital channels for an effective digital marketing strategy, businesses must ensure they are covering all bases—from email marketing, SMS marketing, social media, to content and website optimization. Digital marketing is all about engaging customers, and SMS marketing can be a great tool for this purpose. By leveraging the power of SMS marketing, businesses can engage customers in a personalized and direct way to increase conversions and keep them coming back. It can also be used to drive new customers to businesses and expand their customer base. For businesses that are just starting to use SMS marketing, it’s a good idea to start small and experiment with different strategies. This allows businesses to test and measure the effectiveness of their SMS campaigns to ensure they are using the right strategies and maximizing on their investment in SMS marketing. Overall, SMS marketing is a powerful asset to any digital marketing strategy. By leveraging innovative strategies and personalization, businesses can reap the rewards of this powerful marketing tool. With SMS marketing, businesses can not only increase customer engagement, but also conversions, acquisition, and retention.

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