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Walking Billboards and QR Codes: Revolutionize Your Sales Strategy Text MarketingText marketing, or SMS marketing, is a powerful digital marketing tool that offers a variety of benefits for businesses. It can be used to reach out to customers quickly and effectively, impacting their decision-making process and giving them an easy way to take action. In today’s episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, John Jantsch speaks with Amanda Holmes, who is the CEO of Chet Holmes International. In this episode, Amanda dives into the benefits of text marketing and how businesses can use it to their advantage. What is Text Marketing? Text marketing, also known as SMS (short message service) marketing, is the use of text messages to market a business, product, or service. It is a form of mobile marketing that can provide a wide range of advantages for businesses, including a high success rate and a low cost-per-conversion ratio. Whenever text messages are sent, they are read in under four minutes, making it difficult for customers to ignore. Benefits of Text Marketing When it comes to digital marketing, text marketing has numerous advantages. Firstly, text marketing is a great way to drive more traffic to a business’ website or online store. By sending out promotional texts, businesses can easily encourage people to visit their website and boost their online presence. Secondly, text marketing helps businesses build relationships with their customers, as customers can immediately reach out and ask questions. This makes it easy for businesses to provide information and address any inquiries right away. Thirdly, text marketing can also be used to improve customer retention. By sending out periodic messages with offers and discounts, customers will be more likely to continue doing business with the company. Finally, text marketing is incredibly cost-effective. It requires no marketing materials, such as flyers or posters, and doesn’t require a significant time or financial investment. As opposed to traditional marketing methods, businesses can easily track the effectiveness of their text marketing campaigns and adjust them accordingly. Making the Most of Text Marketing When using text marketing, it’s important to ensure that the messages being sent are appropriate. Businesses should ensure their messages are relative to the specific customer, and avoid being too salesy. It’s also a good idea for businesses to make sure their messages are clear and concise, as the text message limit is 160 characters, such as ‘10% Off Your Next Purchase – Visit our website for more details.’ In addition to this, businesses should always make sure they are making use of permission-based texting. This means that customers must first opt-in to receive messages, as opposed to texting them without prior consent. This ensures that customers are more likely to remain engaged and may even follow through with recommended actions. Conclusion Text marketing is a powerful digital marketing tool that can offer a wide range of advantages for businesses. It is cost-effective, helps build relationships with customers, and can be used to drive more traffic to a website or online store. By ensuring their messages are appropriate and permission-based, businesses can easily make the most of this strategy and encourage more customers to take action.

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